Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh,  the capital of Cambodia. It was actually quite nice day spent here. We enjoyed walk by the river despite the tons of garbage at the bank. The city is quite opened and gives enough space to breathe. Nowadays, it is under masive construction,  so the question is how it will look in few years. The most dominant are obviously government buildings, however just one street behind them you appear in a real slum city 🙂 not surprised anymore 😀

Phnom Penh,  hlavni mesto Kambodzi.  Stravili jsme tu celkem prijemny den prochazkou podel reky, kdyz opominete ten bordel vsude podel brehu. Mesto je hodne otevrene a vzdusne,  oproti treba nahuckanemu Bangkoku.  Vsude se neco buduje, tak otazka, jak to bude vypadat za par let. Nejvic dominantni stavby patri samozrejme vlade, ale hned ulice za nimi vypada jako totalni squat 🙂 to uz nas neprekvapuje 😀

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  1. Good morning, Vendy and Jendy! I wish you a very nice and quiet finisch day of 2016. Yes, the capitol city is friendlier than Bankog, but Prag is Prag and Žatec ist Saaz.
    Have a nice evening. What do you do? What you eat and drink?
    Best regards from mom
    PS: The cat Mńouk is sleeping. The cat Mindi is currently very active.

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