By local train to …

Because we go noplan, we took for the experience a local train of third class…


The train was actually pretty cosy. All Thai people looked like one big family as they were changing seats all the time and it was not possible to guess who belonged to whom 😀 and of course “food market” was also presented by few people selling their food products. So, we went 3 hours by this train which took us to Thai-Laos border Nong Khai. Laos?! Oh yes, we came to Laos 🙂 Noplango rules!


Jelikoz jedeme noplango, tedy bez planu, tak jsme si rekli, proc nevyzkouset mistni vlak treti tridy…

Vlak byl vlastne celkem pohodlny. Vsichni Thajci vypadali jako jedna velka rodina, jelikoz si furt vzajemne menili mista, a bylo tezke poznat, kdo ke komu patri 😀 a samozrejme ve vlaku nechybeli pochuzkari s jidlem. A tak jsme jeli 3 hodky, az jsme dojeli k Thajsko-Laoske hranici u prechodu Nong Khai. Laos?! Anooo, dojeli jsme do Laosu 🙂 Noplango jede!


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